Project developed with Steven Finkel and Junghyun Lim To access the material click on code

We want to help students, researchers, and practitioners that are used to STATA to include R in their analytic toolbox. Likewise, we present some of the most used panel analysis’ technics showing the potential of different approaches.

It is not an statistic textbook; we won’t discuss the statistic assumptions or mathematical derivations behind the techniques. We are assuming two things. First, the reader has enough statistical background to understand the strengths and limitations of each model. Second, the user knows more STATA than R. Therefore, our STATA code will have fewer comments than the R code. Navigate among the topics covered here using the top menu.

We value both statistical packages and think that nowadays a researcher/student/practitioner should be able to conduct analysis on both.

José Incio
José Incio
Ph.D in Political Science

My research interests include democratic backsliding, subnational politics, methodology.