Calidad de la visita y bienestar de las personas privadas de libertad


The article analyzes the relationship between the well-being of persons deprived of liberty and the “Quality of Prison Visits”. The research includes four penitentiary establishments in Lima, Peru, with the participation of 153 men and 155 women, where the Positive and Negative Affect Scale, the Satisfaction with Life Scale and a Survey on Patterns of Penitentiary Visits were applied. From aggregation techniques, the construct “Quality of the Visit” is constructed, which has two dimensions: “Institutional Quality” and “Social Support”. The emotional well-being of prisoners is influenced by institutional and social aspects, including the “Quality of the Visit”, 2. The well-being of prisoners is related to the quality of the social support offered by the visits, their duration and frequency, which should be accompanied by respectful treatment of their visits by the prison system, and 3. In conclusion, it is necessary to identify institutional and social factors when developing actions aimed at strengthening prison wellbeing and mental health.

José Incio
José Incio
Ph.D in Political Science

My research interests include democratic backsliding, subnational politics, methodology.